If Writing Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

If Writing Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

I never thought I would be writing a newsletter or articles, but I am. My spelling is horrendous, I never went to college, I joined the U.S Navy instead, and English is my second language. But I have this urge to help and share all this information that's in my head with you.

So I am out of my comfort zone.

For the past four months, I've done nothing but research on how to relay my message via writing through a newsletter, email, Facebook post, articles and blog post. This is what I've learned so far; I hope this helps you.

"1>0 One is greater than zeroGary Vaynerchuk

Not writing will get you nowhere, And posting one or two FB posts a week or reposting motivational quotes is easy and not really that helpful.

What's not easy is posting something valuable, original and actionable 5 to 6 times per week. And if you really want to add value to your brand you're going to have to start writing someday, So why not today?

Top lessons I learned:

  • Headline: The primary purpose of your headline is to get the reader to want to read the article.

Example: If you want to write an article about fat loss, you could write (1) "How to lose body fat" or you could write (2) "My top 3 keys to losing 5 lb of body fat this month" (1) is boring and generic. (2) Is more specific, "top 3 keys" always gets people attention and it has a time frame that people like.

  • Topics: Your clients will tell you what topic to write about.

Ask your clients "What are the top 2 things you need help with?" Then write about that subject. Do not write about what you think your clients should know. It's not about you; it's about them.

  • Article length: It doesn't matter as long as you get your point across.

Well, length matters a little. Don't make your articles too long because in this day in age people like reading short and to the point articles. Alternate between 200, 300 and 500 words.

  • Easy to read: Ask yourself; What's the easiest way I could explain this?

Use a 5th-grade reading level vocabulary, not because your clients can't read 6th-grade and up but because it's the easiest way to get your point across. Also, don't write in big block paragraphs, keep 'em short.

This article is getting long. 

Practice is the most important thing, just like the "Turkish Get Up" you'll only get better by practicing.

ACTION STEP:  Tomorrow ask all your clients "What are the top two things you need help with?" and then write a very short post (100 words) on Facebook with an attention-grabbing photo and let's see what happens. I'll be watching.

P.S: What are the top 2 things you need help with? Email me

Coach Hector


Sep, 08, 2016