Building a Online Personal Training Business

Building a Online Personal Training Business

How hard could it be to build an online training business?

I asked myself earlier this week. As a trainer with 10+ years in the business and owner of The Training Notebook app, I wanted to see if I could help SPF build an online personal training business.

I first thought of doing online personal training about 2 years ago, I gave it a try, wrote a couple of articles, contacted some test subjects but nothing panned out. I think I gave up too easily. Now I’m ready to give this another shot and Get it done.

I’m also doing this to help other personal trainers build their own online PT business, So I’m going to document this new adventure, mistakes and all.

My first step was doing research on what other successful online personal trainers are doing. I also joined "Online Trainers Unite” Facebook group and learned a ton of useful information. And I downloaded Jon Goodmans "Online Trainer's Competitive Advantage” ebook (Amazing!).

Here are my notes so far

What I think I need to start an online business?

*Website and or FB fan page and landing page
*Emailing system =
*Email clients workouts
*Design a nutrition program. Calorie counting? meal plans? Or both? (toughest)
*Create an enticing ebook to collect emails
*FB ads to collect emails add another ebook
*Go to Fiverr to create a 30-second infomercial (not high priority)
*Create good content. = articles, videos, FB live and challenges.
*Design some basic training programs: beginner fat loss, hypertrophy, and a high-intensity program.
*Where do I get my clients? (biggest question) old clients, FB ads targeting SPF fans.
*Who do I target when creating FB ads? (another big question)
*decide who's our target audience?

Stay tuned, I’ll post at least 2 updates per week and if you have any questions or advice please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. I’ll also be using Snapchat and YouTube to document this adventure.

-Coach Hector
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Jun, 15, 2016