F.A.Q -


  1. How will the T-Notebook change for me if I do not subscribe?
    The app will remain the same for you with no negative changes. The only change is now all your client's info is securely saved online and you can log in from any iPad.
  2. What if don't want to upgrade my account? (purchased before 12/15/16)
    You can keep on using the program just like you have been using it, with the added bonus of online backup and ability to sign in from any iPad. But if you would like to use your laptop, desktop, any tablet with a web browser, you'll need to subscribe.
  3. Why are you switching to subscription rates?
    Many users of The Training Notebook have been asking for more features, including online backup, ability to use the app on an Android device, laptop, and even cell phone. There are also a lot of other features that I would like to add that will make your life a little easier and to do so, I need to raise enough funds to pay my development team to add these features. All of 2016's profit went back into making the T-Notebook better and I continue on doing so for 2017.
  4. Do I need an iPad to use The Training Notebook?
    No, You can use a laptop, desktop, Amazon Fire, Android tablet, or any device with a web browser to train your clients.
  5. Does The Training Notebook work on an iPhone or Android cell phone?
    Yes, The Training Notebook is fully functional on the small screen of iPhone or Galaxy? *Small screen optimization will be complete early 2017.
  6. Which plan should I choose?
    Do a count of how many clients you trained in the past 30 days, whatever that number is should help you decide the plan that works best for you and your business.
  7. Can I have non-active clients?
    Yes, If you know a client will be away more than 30 days you can switch them to non-active. They will stay non-active for at least 30 days, and you will not have to upgrade your plan.
  8. Does a new client assessment count as an "active client"?
    No, You can do as many new client assessments as you like.
  9. Do I need WiFi to use the app?
    Yes, to access your client's info, you will need WiFi.
  10. What should I do If my gym doesn't have WiFi?
    Set up a hotspot on your cell phone and connect your tablet.
  11. Where can download the iPad app?
    Apple iTunes Store or just visit thetrainingnotebook.com/login.
  12. Can I download in the Goggle Store?
    No, but you can use the app on your Androids web browser.


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