EMOM, You and your clients will love it!

EMOM, You and your clients will love it!

Want to get your clients all sweaty, pumped and loving you and their workout?

Start doing EMOM (every minute on the minute) circuits. Not only are EMOM circuits great for your clients, but it’s also simpler for you to set up and program.

Benefits of EMOM:
1) Client stays focused not in la-la land
2) Client gets more work done no time to waste
3) Keep your client from resting too much and checking their cell phone
4) Slow down the I don't like to rest clients
5) Simple way of programming less work for you more work for them
6) Great way to get your client to do more than 3 sets trick your clients to do more sets
7) Great way to work on movement from

I’ll be talking about EMOM workouts this month, so go ahead and try this workout yourself and on your clients.


Aug, 01, 2016