5 exercises you absolutely shouldnt do

5 Exercises You Absolutely Shouldn’t Do

"You can do side-bends and sit-ups, but please don't lose that butt."

Sir Mix-A-Lot was right about butts, wrong about side bends and sit-ups. At least the way

most people do them.

One of our goals at Structure is to encourage people to be lifelong lifters, and in order to do that,

we write many a program that includes exercises that don't sacrifice joint or muscle integrity.

Our least favorite exercises, that most people should not do, include the following:

  • Upright rows
  • "American" Swings
  • Side bends (sorry Sir Mix-A-Lot - we still play your song!)
  • Machines: seated torso twist and seated back extension
  • Sit-ups

    5 Exercises I would absolutely NOT Do from Kevin Dineen on Vimeo.

    Want to know something even more annoying than exercises that may hurt you

    and send you to physical therapy?

    Some people make these videos or lists, and don't show alternative exercises.

    (Insert Superman or Star Wars theme music here...)

    Not us.

    We got you. Here's the exercises to try, in place of the exercises you already avoided,

    now that you're in the know

    5 Exercises you SHOULD do from Kevin Dineen on Vimeo.

  • 3 Way shoulder (demonstration in video)
  • Medicine Ball chops (or regular 2 handed kettlebell swings)
  • Suitcase carry AND Push-downs
  • Band or cable chop, and Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
  • Rocky's with dowel or barbell
  • Lifting isn't always fun, but physical therapy, and not being able to lift, is much less fun.

    Stay healthy with these exercise alternatives.

    -Coach Kev

    Structure Personal Fitness


    Jun, 02, 2016