iPad App just for Personal Trainers and Coaches

The Training Notebook helps personal trainers and coaches manage all their clients. No more pen and paper needed, No more printing out excel spread sheets The Training Notebook is All-In-One tool that all fitness professionals need.

Major update coming in mid August! New update will safely and securely store all you clients data online. You will also have the option to use the online version of the application. More details to come. I'm always posting info on the Facebook fan page.

  • Before using this app, I had mountains of paper, from forms to assessment to client notes. So much of my time was taken up with boring filing chores. This app has changed all of that. I cannot rate the training notebook highly enough for the ability to track all my clients data, workouts, parq, and assessments, and the ability to to email the data directly to clients has been a game changer for me. Step out of the Stone Age! Get this app and be amazed! David Belfast N.Ireland

    David Belfast N.Ireland, Trainer @ Pure Gym & Bad Guy at Pro Wrestling Ulster

  • Amazing!!!! I use it everyday at Work it's been extremely helpful! The updated App is amazing! Thanks so much, I use this for all my clients and all also show them the program as I am training them. The new feature of copy and paste makes this program complete. Keep it going!! Ron

    Ron V., Equinox Tier 3+

  • I loved this application since the beginning. With this one and Numbers I have gotten rid of all the paperwork I only use my iPad and a measuring tape to do my job. The creator did an amazing job, the app is very functional and the developer is very responsive, we have exchanged emails and he is constantly improving the app. I am very thankful that I started my personal training job with these amazing tools available. The app is already very good, and I am excited for the future so it can be even better!

    Efren R., N.A.S.M-CPT- Online personal trainer and owner of Fortza Fit.

  • I simply dislike (being polite in my choice of words) paperwork very much. I kept looking for a neat way to keep all the client files on my iPad and one beautiful day I found The Training Notebook! It has helped me tremendously in multiple ways. I can now view all the client programs easily and quickly review the client progress. I can send all my clients their programs so easily, just by clicking a button! I need nothing more than my little cute iPad mini, and I no longer need to flip and search through pages and pages of (badly) handwritten programs. Most of the time I couldn’t even understand my own handwriting because I had been writing too fast.. Now most the exercises I use are memorized and I only need to start writing and it finds the exercise itself. So time saving! Most of all I think I can summarise in saying that The Training Notebook helps me tremendously in being more efficient! 
    Being a very tidy and organized person, I always struggled finding an efficient well organized way to keep all the client information/programming. I simply love The Training Notebook because it gives me everything I need to keep the client files and programs neat, tidy and organized while taking up NO space!

    Kristina Skjelberg, Indipendent Trainer, Norway

Home Page

View all your clients
View your iPad calendar
Access your pre-made programming templates


PAR-Q page

Physical Activity Readiness Questioner
Personal Trainer Liability Waiver form
Client contact info
Email forms to clients

Program Page

Track all of your clients workouts and store them on your iPad
Email your clients their training programs


Assessment Page

Body assessment center
Take before and after pictures of your clients
Track body fat progression
Email assessments

Workout Timer

Interval Timer
Pre-Load timer settings



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