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While teaching others about fitness and health requires dedication, it also requires careful planning and monitoring. But, when you’re on the move, how do you best achieve this?

With The Training Notebook, say goodbye to all the training and health apps you trialed and tested in the past. Personal trainers and coaches alike need to listen up and hear about this incredible new app on the market. Say goodbye to pen and paper; no more printing out excel spreadsheets! Now you can secure your clients’ data online. Managing your clients was never easier before!

  • Before using this app, I had mountains of paper, from forms to assessment to client notes. So much of my time was taken up with boring filing chores. This app has changed all of that. I cannot rate the training notebook highly enough for the ability to track all my clients data, workouts, parq, and assessments, and the ability to to email the data directly to clients has been a game changer for me. Step out of the Stone Age! Get this app and be amazed! David Belfast N.Ireland

    David Belfast N.Ireland, Trainer @ Pure Gym & Bad Guy at Pro Wrestling Ulster

  • Amazing!!!! I use it everyday at Work it's been extremely helpful! The updated App is amazing! Thanks so much, I use this for all my clients and all also show them the program as I am training them. The new feature of copy and paste makes this program complete. Keep it going!! Ron

    Ron V., Equinox Tier 3+

  • I loved this application since the beginning. With this one and Numbers I have gotten rid of all the paperwork I only use my iPad and a measuring tape to do my job. The creator did an amazing job, the app is very functional and the developer is very responsive, we have exchanged emails and he is constantly improving the app. I am very thankful that I started my personal training job with these amazing tools available. The app is already very good, and I am excited for the future so it can be even better!

    Efren R., N.A.S.M-CPT- Online personal trainer and owner of Fortza Fit.

  • I simply dislike (being polite in my choice of words) paperwork very much. I kept looking for a neat way to keep all the client files on my iPad and one beautiful day I found The Training Notebook! It has helped me tremendously in multiple ways. I can now view all the client programs easily and quickly review the client progress. I can send all my clients their programs so easily, just by clicking a button! I need nothing more than my little cute iPad mini, and I no longer need to flip and search through pages and pages of (badly) handwritten programs. Most of the time I couldn’t even understand my own handwriting because I had been writing too fast.. Now most the exercises I use are memorized and I only need to start writing and it finds the exercise itself. So time saving! Most of all I think I can summarise in saying that The Training Notebook helps me tremendously in being more efficient! 
    Being a very tidy and organized person, I always struggled finding an efficient well organized way to keep all the client information/programming. I simply love The Training Notebook because it gives me everything I need to keep the client files and programs neat, tidy and organized while taking up NO space!

    Kristina Skjelberg, Indipendent Trainer, Norway

Home Page

Say goodbye to papers and Excel clumsy organization and lack of information about your clients, their health, and their current diet or schedule.

With The Training Notebook, you never need a file ever again. You need only an iPad to run the app and the will to succeed - which you already possess.

Now you can view all your clients in one location. No need to scroll papers. Feel free to view your iPad calendar and even access your pre-made programming templates.

We consistently stay ahead of the game. We have trained harder than our trainer app challenges.


PAR-Q page

Every piece of information you collect - results from client’s body assessment center tests - goes a long way to building a portfolio not only of all your clients but of each INDIVIDUAL client’s journey. With simple access to Personal Trainer Liability Waiver form, Email forms to clients and even more, you will be able to connect with your client like never before! Business is all about enjoying, so why not say a big NO to stress?

Program Page

Want to offer something unique to your clients? Are you interested in tracking all your client's workout?

If you worry that you might forget important information about your client or lose some crucial document then what better solution than to rely on a computerized system designed to search for automatically and FIND the important details you would usually waste endless amounts of time searching?

The Training Notebook helps you keep a close eye on your schedule, plan and specific client requests, information and upcoming goals to ensure you NEVER slip up with an important client-related scenario again!


Assessment Page

With powerful email-based assessments and before/after pictures, you will be able to assess your clients easily! Why is this better than offline alternatives - whether that be paper-based or digital? It is better for obvious reasons: no more worrying about backing up data and no more worrying about efficient communication or transmission. With our app’s online functionality, you can remain ever-connected and up-to-date with the schedule, lifestyle and goals of all your trainees. Track the workouts of your clients and contact them with further information, help or suggestions.

You will NEVER appear to distant or uncaring when it comes to the progress of your clients, because, without either of you lifting a finger (well, other than training), you will ALWAYS know their progress!

Workout Timer

With all of your clients’ workouts stored right there on iPad, where could you ever really go wrong? Our Interval Timer and Pre-Load timer settings make your job much easier!

With research pouring out of your ears (importantly, that is research automatically organized), you can save yourself wasted hours of your precious time keeping a managed overview of your clients. Your time is vital to the continuation of your business, so don’t risk disgruntling possible or current customers by constantly ruining plans and scheduled events before of your outdated methods of organization!


It’s time for you to make a BIG move!

If you want to return to doing personal training or coaching because you LOVE it and not simply because there is no way out, then The Training Notebook is for you.

Just $14.99 to transform your business model into a relaxing and MORE profitable hub for health and fitness loving fanatics!

$14.99 becomes nothing so quickly. In this day and age, the fast, the modern and the determined succeed. We can help you with the first two, but we have a feeling you’ve already acquired quite a knack for the third.

So what are you waiting for?
A successful business and relationship with your clients are within your grasp!

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of better managing your client base of training customers, then The Training Notebook is most certainly the correct app for you. It’s all about taking your business to a whole new level. By posting your meal plans, workout details, and selling online training is certainly all about revolutionizing your business.

So let’s get started today!


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